Programming, curation and management

Ana Bacelar Begonha
(1998, Lisbon) holds a BA in Arts and Humanities from the University of Lisbon (FLUL) which she finished at the University of Barcelona (FGH-UB) with a Major in Arts and Heritage. She also has a postgraduate degree in Art Curatorship from NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA-FCSH) and is currently studying Journalism at the same institution. Moreover, she has training in Filmmaking and Film Criticism, having attended courses such as “KINO-DOC: Documentary Film” and “Audiovisual Essay and Film Criticism as a Creative Practice”. Over the past years she has curated several exhibitions like Under the shelter at raum.pt, A cidade é a casa é a cidade é a casa at Galeria Liminare, Turns out it was never there at Pousio and Barbeito at Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida.  

Guilherme Vilhena Martins (1996, Lisbon; lives in Berlin) has a degree in Philosophy from NOVA University of Lisbon and is currently doing an MA in Philosophy with focus in Aesthetics at the FU Berlin. His literary work consists of Háptica, his first book of poems, published in 2020, and many texts, chronicles and critiques written for different independent projects in Portugal. Both his philosophical interest and his creative work ground on the same problems and ideas, namely the concept of fiction and the borders of fictionality when it comes to experience narratives and utter meaning, as well as the notion of fictional indeterminacy and desire.

Luzia Cruz (1997, Lisbon; lives in Hamburg) is studying fine arts with Prof. Thomas Demand at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. She started her degree at the University of Fine Arts in Lisbon and studied for one semester at the Universität der Künste Berlin. In 2020 she won a grant for the 8th International Residency in Kalbe, in which she exhibited, and participated in different collective projects and performances. Recently she presented her work at HFBK, The Disgallery, at the Gängeviertel Hamburg and she participated in group exhibitions also in Lisbon and Paris. Her multidisciplinary work explores the structures of one’s room and the limits of comfort and intimacy.

Tomás Agostinho (1993, Lisbon) studied Engineering before veering to Philosophy, graduating from NOVA-FCSH, in Lisbon. Currently he is doing a Post-Graduation in Visual Studies, with a focus in Film and Photography, at the same institution. He works as a host and producer of Universos Paralelos, a film podcast about ‘auteur’ fictional universes. He was also involved with CinemaParaIST, a university film club, affiliated with several major film festivals, blogs and websites in Portugal and responsible for covering festivals and writing critiques. And as a member of Rádio Zero, a community and university radio focused on showcasing experimental work and with an open-source framework, he has worked towards being an active voice for a more democratising access to the medium.Furthermore he has co-founded and directed Sci-Fi Lx, an international project, based in Lisbon, concerned with promoting and debating science fiction in contemporary society. As well as having collaborated with film festivals like MOTELX, IndieLisboa and Monstra, he has curated several film programs at cultural associations, film clubs and universities.

Design and communication

Giovana Jenkins (1992, Brazil; lives in Lisbon) holds a postgraduate degree in Art Curatorship from NOVA University of Lisbon (NOVA-FCSH) – Portugal, a BA in Design from the University of Brasilia – Brazil, and Cambridge School of Arts – UK (visiting student). As a graphic designer and art director focused on visual communication, branding and editorial, she has collaborated with companies, small businesses and artists throughout Brazil and Europe. Blurring the borders between her design, programmer and curatorial practice, she has engaged in several cultural projects like assisting Expomus, a Brazilian museum services company, in projects with CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil). Recently she has been collaborating with villa villa, a sustainable art residency program founded by curator Alice Bonnot and curated exhibitions such as Under the shelter at raum.pt and A cidade é a casa é a cidade é a casa at Galeria Liminare.