Rua do Funchal, nº1A, 1000-239, Lisboa, Portugal


EGEU is an open project, an independent cultural space first opened in September 2019. Born out of the urge to claim a space of fruitful freedom, one of its key intentions is to facilitate artistic, cultural and editorial initiatives without market-related concerns.

One of our major aims is to make sure that no one at EGEU is constrained by the outcome of their work. Rather than a product, we believe that artistic experiment and critique should be taken as parts of a process. If art and culture ought to be free, then they must not be limited to any pre-determined worthiness. So as artists.

In an era when everything is labeled, categorised and reproducible, as if born mature, we look forward to securing that there is always space to start again. Instead of attempting to introduce artists to the market and institutional spaces, EGEU intends to oppose that logic by being a space available for those who seek one (and are frequently unable to find it).

Challenging, criticising, tracing new paths, EGEU is essentially a place for communication and debate. Indeed, it is in that sense that we wish to picture our time: providing a stage for new ideas, bringing together different concerns and fostering discussion.