Literary Project


Alcazar is a book resulting from a multidisciplinary literary project organized by EGEU that gathered 6 visual artists and 7 writers: Adriana João, Beatriz Almeida Rodrigues, Bruno José Silva, Clara Imbert, Diogo Loureiro, Guilherme Vilhena Martins, Hugo Carvalheira Neves, Isabel Cordovil, Luzia Cruz, Mafalda Sofia Gomes, Manuel do Ó, Rodrigo Rosa and Victor Gonçalves.

The project proposed fundamentally to work on the idea of fictional archive and to challenge the literary limit, opening it to various dimensions through the communication between distinct forms of artistic expression, in this case drawing, digital work, photography, 3D modelling and text.

The book has 150 pages and the works are organized by quotas according to a principle of collective authorship, without page numbering or direct attribution of author.

You can get Alcazar directly through EGEU, with a donation of 15€ or more. You will find the details for the transfer HERE. Please send us a proof of payment by email and indicate the address you would like to receive your book at. The postage is at our expense for national orders and will be added accordingly for international shipments.

Alcazar is also available in several independent bookshops around the country. At the moment, you can find it at Snob, Tigre de Papel, Stet and ZDB in Lisbon, Térmita, Flaneur and Poetria in Porto and Livraria Fonte de Letras in Évora.

Please note that we have only printed 250 copies, so we do not recommend waiting. to long before placing an order.